habitat for humanity ReStore items you might like…mt. pleasant, SC

yesterday i made my first trip to the habitat for humanity ReStore in Mt. Pleasant, SC. i went back today to buy a large white cabinet, but changed my mind due to size. it is definitely worth picking up because it’s a great size, has great potential and is only $40!! it looks like it came from an old department store…

here are a few other things i saw that i found to be good deals…

1. $45 coffee table. it definitely  needs to be paired with the right furniture, but its a sturdy piece for under $50 and has charm…

2. $40 white cabinet. has 4 doors with 1 shelf inside. excellent condition. about 80″ long. it’s a tad taller than a bench so it should still fit under a window. i say this because it’s 80″ freaking inches long and that size wall might be hard to come by. i also picture it behind a large sofa…the ideas are endless. my husband was going to store his cd’s inside.

3. $20 i know this is just a dirty sink, but it’s a super neat retro green! it could give the right look to a funky kitchen or maybe a workshop or art room? a planter? it had some rust spots, but it’s $20

4. $15 desk. this desk is HUGE! guessing its mid-century; the legs aren’t overly “modern”, but it has tongue and groove drawers. looks like a desk you’d see in a military office or something.

5. $30 mirrors. there are a few chips near the bottoms. one is actually $25, but that one seemed to be in better shape. i didn’t investigate all that much but they are neat and would look great if put in just the right spot!

5. $10 chair. nothing fancy about the upholstery, although in decent shape, but it is a very sweet size. might work for a bedroom, nursery or a small livingroom. the legs are cute so it would have potential if re-covered and @ $10 the cost to re-cover is very feasible!

they also had a march sale where all books and videos were $3 a bag. the bags were large! i know today is the last day of march…maybe they will continue it. if you haven’t been-haggling is frowned upon and they have signs telling you so. the prices are very reasonable and its for charity. if anyone goes and grabs any of these finds let me know!

i got 4 vintage hardback books INCLUDING  “the exorcist”!!


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my son’s 5th birthday invitation

brewer’s birthday is may 27th. his party will be on the 22nd, but i have already ordered the favors and made the invitations. i don’t do well with patience and i LOVE planning parties…now we both get to count down the days in agony!

theme: treasure hunt

this is our neighborhood park, riverfront park @ noisette, the party will be here. brewer and his guests will be given maps and clues to find their treasure…

i started with a sheet of white computer paper(makes 4 invites) and colored pencils.

i ripped a thin strip off all 4 sides and then ripped it in half twice to make 4 pieces

then i just drew some silly treasure hunt pictures and the info with color pencils. i didn’t worry too much about penmanship ’cause it’s an old treasure map, right?

i made 12 and then added a tea bag to a shallow container of water and piled them in…since i did them in batches a few sat for about an hour and the others for about 30 minutes. obviously the longer the better…

we decided to blow dry them to get them done quicker and i think it worked in our favor because it crinkled just right!

then i lit a few edges with a lighter and quickly blew it out. i think i inhaled too much smoke so be careful!

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a craigslist find you might like…(charleston, sc)

i know this chair has potentional, but i can’t add another thing into my house…nor can i squeeze in another project. i think someone should buy it! i contacted him about a company name or stamp, but the piece is in storage and he didn’t know. not sure if it’s still available, but it’s a good price-$40. click HERE for the link…

here is a link and inspiration picture i’ve seen in the past that might make you see the potential of beauty in it that i do…

this comes from designspongeonline.com

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a saucy way to store board games

we have lot’s-o-stuff which means i am always on the hunt for storage. closets, cabinets and drawers are PACKED so sometimes i have to get clever…

small toys are easy to hide in fun baskets, art supplies and crafts can go in cute bins, but i always had our board games and such stacked wherever they would fit. they were always in the way and always getting dusty and dirty.

then one day i popped into a goodwill and as i was walking to the counter to buy some vintage books  i noticed something damn near the middle of the floor completely out of place. it jumped up and smacked me…with the last little tap being a tag stamped $3

i knew i had plenty of magazines to shove in there and i tried, but it didn’t add anything to my livingroom. then i probably tripped over my old candyland board and thought AHAAAA!

not only do i think it looks saucy, but the games are displayed in a way that reminds us to actually sit down and play!

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easter eggs

this year i’m gonna try to use onion peels and other food ingredients to dye our eggs.

here are the links to websites that provided these pictures and instructions…

one, two, three

and the other links aren’t linking and i’m about to punch a hole in the wall, so i leave you with these. if you need to just use google. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH


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quick and easy recipe: leftover chicken

do you want to feed a family of 4 with one piece of leftover chicken breast?

  • cut up the chicken breast into small chunks(almost shredded)
  • heat up a skillet to med. high heat with about a T. of butter.
  • toss the chicken in with some chopped onion                       
  • add a large can(280z.) of whole tomatoes and its juice and let simmer

while it cooks just stir it every blue moon and crush up the tomatoes with your spoon. the juice will reduce and thicken. i served it over a 10 minute brown rice with a side of sauted cabbage…

the cabbage is easy..

  • rough chop the cabbage and rinse
  • chop a handful of onions
  • heat a skillet with olive oil and dump cabbage and onions in
  • grate a clove of garlic over top along with….
  • kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
  • keep on medium and stir occasionally.

i whipped this up in a hurry about a month back and have made it twice since. it always hits the spot and its filling. tonight it fed 3 adults and a 4 year old. we joked about how much chicken we were getting with each bite. it was almost identical to when jesus made a lot of fish out of one(did jesus do that?). too bad we didn’t have a glass of wine sitting around…



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random food post: sausage gravy over grits and flatbread

whenever i can’t think of what to cook for dinner i always end up going with breakfast. i swear i’m going to have a dinner party soon and serve a smorgasbord of good ole southern breakfast. it’d be a hit, i’m sure! tonight i made sausage gravy over cheese grits:


i’ve been a greek food junkie lately. i posted awhile back about the flatbread i make which you can find here. i have a new photo that looks a LITTLE better so i thought i’d share…

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a craigslist find you might like….(columbia, sc)

i thought this was a nice find. fortunately for my husband, i don’t need it…

click on the picture for link…(assuming it’s still available since it’s still posted)

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my son’s room as of today…

i change his room 5x a month. i’m sick…

he hardly ever plays in his room…i had to take a picture of this!

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craigslist find: mid-century modern dresser

i was on the hunt for a mid-century dresser for my son’s room. i was searching thrift stores and stalking craigslist every hour on the hour for months…finally one day i posted in the “wanted” section with sample pictures.

FINALLY that night at about 9pm there it was. it wasn’t a response to my ad at all…it was just there under “furniture”  in all it’s retro glory. i made my husband call that instant (i am terrified of phone calls…dont ask) and he promised it to us. we set it up to go look at it the next day. i actually hesitated because i always freak about spending money, but we finally went. you can tell he was a decent man because he had calls after us offering MUCH more (he might be a liar though. yup, he is a man, thats it. he lied) as we were pulling off he said “thanks, sure wish i woulda asked for more money”. oh well, sucka!

half way home we realized a cat liked it just as much. so much so that he pissed all over one of the legs. i was worried, but i cleaned it VERY well. i made friends and family walk into the room to smell.

i was curious to see who made it so i looked on the back and it was Broyhill. i went searching for pictures and discovered it was from the Brasilia collection…mocked after the architecture in Brasil. i also found that i kinda hit the mother fucking jackpot. well, not quite, but i found a mirror (that i also got with it) on ebay or something  that was going for $250 alone. not sure if people are paying, but i’m just sayin’

i love it…

the mirror gave the room a very “mature” look and even though my son says words like “freakin” and “poop”, he is only 4 and it didn’t fit. (ok, he says shit and fuck too…look, i do have good qualities i swear)

but i found it was the perfect size to be a floor standing mirror for him. it makes me look SUPER fat, but he looks “amazing” in it. (thats what he told me the other day when i dressed him for a party or something)


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