a few more areas of the livingroom

let’s see…basket i stole from my mom. the vintage level came from an estate sale. $2, i believe. mid century desk was $12.99 from a thrift store and that fantastic industrial light was $2.50 at a goodwill.

the wall is makeshift and not AT ALL our plan for it, but it stays until i can afford a wpa poster!


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vintage thrift finds put to use…

i’ve been having a lot-o-trouble keeping my house clean. it’s overwhelming and the only way i can even consider cleaning is to give myself some motivation. that usually means re-decorating and setting up a corner or two…

i just bought this table at goodwill for $4.99.

it looked pretty raggedy and my plans were to fix ‘er up and sell, but when i got the doors on and wiped the wood down, i decided to keep it and as is…

the lamp came from a habitat Restore for $5 and was originally on my etsy page, where you can find more lamps, but after listing it i immediately took it off because, well, i love it!

the chair also came from a habitat store and was marked $40. i passed only because it was a bit wobbly and the next day my mom happened to be there and noticed it for $20. i assumed it was the same chair and went back and snagged it up.

if you notice the single flower on the table…its in a vintage kimax beaker. i stole that for 25¢

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