product review…green works


my husband has always been partial to Dawn, so i obliged since he is always more willing to do the dishes. i love the green work products and saw the dish soap was on sale. we needed some, i picked it up, the husband loves it, i love it more and i will never go back…..

i love a soap that stays sudsy. i always end up emptying and re-filling  the sink, but haven’t had to with this!

smells great too!


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a gift for a big brother

my cousin had a baby boy yesterday! we went to meet him tonight and i brought a gift for him, a gift for his big brother, jack and some bagel sandwiches to maybe make lunch tomorrow easy!


i always love when i can find a wrapping paper with a black background. its so great to wrap a man’s or even a boy’s gift. i believe this came from the dollar tree.

and also from the dollar tree…..bag-o-pomoms! i used a large needle to sew these onto the yarn….

the bagels had salsalito turkey, meunster cheese and i threw in a container of garden vegetable cream cheese to spread on after toasting. best sandwich EVER!

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margherita pizza

i stole another recipe from martha’s latest food magazine. the whole wheat crust. she used it for a raw-ish type style which i can’t wait to try, but tonight we topped it margherita style. we did use her idea of a balsamic vinegar drizzle, but we reduced ours. it made for the sweetest taste. it wasn’t typical of a traditional pizza and made me think of using it for an amazing appetizer. between the sweetness and the saltiness of the crust….YUM!

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carrot and parmesan risotto

for my birthday i recieved two martha stewart magazine subscriptions. one for living and one for food. i got my first food the other day and saw this recipe. i have made many rice meals that are basically risotto, but this was my first REAL one. you can find the recipe here….

(note: i did use Arborio rice because i happened to have some)

it was really delicious and very addicting. plus it was easy to sneak some carrots inside. my only tip: eat it right away. it gets clumpy and although still delicious it’s not as pretty!


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a gift…

my cousin is days away from giving birth to her 2nd child. she is the type who wouldn’t want a baby shower for #2 or gifts until after “it’s born”….that’s right, they didn’t find out. NERDS! but, she is getting both tomorrow.

so, instead of going all out for a gift, i found a clever way to wrap some Borax for her cloth diapering days ahead….

  • glass jar: $5
  • borax: $3
  • in house crafts: pennies
  • creativity: $free

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sprinkle sugar cookies…

how can you be broken hearted when you are eating a sugar cookie with sprinkles?

 sugar cookies can be a hit or a miss. the recipe i’ve always used for cutouts was “okay”, but i have discovered that a classic snickerdoodle batter chilled and then rolled out works DEVINE and taste perfect! they are great plain or with frosting….or sprinkles 😉

can you imagine the willpower it took my 3 year old son to not pop this in his mouth before i got the shot?

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fabric…send out a search party…

not long ago i was picking through the $1/yard fabric at…gulp…walmart. i love fabric although i don’t know a lick about sewing. that didn’t stop me from buying the remainder of the most gorgeous yard and a half i’ve ever seen. i didn’t have a clue what i would do with it, but i HAD to have it. luckily it didn’t take long for me to figure it out.

no fuss curtains. i swiped some extra curtain hooks from my mom, clipped ’em on and there ya go…no sew, no cutting. my cup of tea…

i even think my favorite part is the end that is less then perfect.

now…here is my plea…i NEED another yard and a half to use for his other window. where can i find it?!

keep an eye out for my son’s full bedroom in which these curtains preside…

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vintage finds….

i was able to sneak away today for a little antique shopping. the necklace above was my favorite. i gave it to my mom as a gift. she flipped over it. i flipped over its $1.50 price tag. the flower part is adjustable by using the pulls you see on the left. you can wear it high or low and either way the knobs dangle….

for myself i scored some linen items…

2 small oven mits for $1 each….

and a lucky strike feed sack that will soon be a pillow case and on my bed. $12

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a bathroom closet


this was a little DIY project i took on. it was super easy. rip door off, paint inside, put cute things in. voila!

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i regret not trying a homemade tzatziki sauce earlier in life. its fresh ingredients, it’s healthy and its fucking fantastic!


  • 160z. low fat yogurt, plain
  • medium cucumber, peeled-seeded-diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, grated
  • pinch salt
  • 1T. olive oil
  • 2t. red wine vinegar
  • 2T. fresh dill, minced

~put yogurt in clean towel and set over a bowl to drain for 2 hours. discard liquid and add drained yogurt to other ingredients. stir until combined.


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