quick and easy recipe: leftover chicken

do you want to feed a family of 4 with one piece of leftover chicken breast?

  • cut up the chicken breast into small chunks(almost shredded)
  • heat up a skillet to med. high heat with about a T. of butter.
  • toss the chicken in with some chopped onion                       
  • add a large can(280z.) of whole tomatoes and its juice and let simmer

while it cooks just stir it every blue moon and crush up the tomatoes with your spoon. the juice will reduce and thicken. i served it over a 10 minute brown rice with a side of sauted cabbage…

the cabbage is easy..

  • rough chop the cabbage and rinse
  • chop a handful of onions
  • heat a skillet with olive oil and dump cabbage and onions in
  • grate a clove of garlic over top along with….
  • kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
  • keep on medium and stir occasionally.

i whipped this up in a hurry about a month back and have made it twice since. it always hits the spot and its filling. tonight it fed 3 adults and a 4 year old. we joked about how much chicken we were getting with each bite. it was almost identical to when jesus made a lot of fish out of one(did jesus do that?). too bad we didn’t have a glass of wine sitting around…




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