homemade spaghetti with meat sauce

one thing you should NEVER buy in a jar? SPAGHETTI SAUCE. ok, i have a couple jars in my cabinet, but i got them for almost free with coupons and i use them for pizza dips and last-minute homemade pizza.

It’s just SOOOOO easy to make. Lately I have been making more of a meat sauce than marinara per se. i’m not gonna give you an exact recipe because it’s easy to change it up depending on the ingredients available and moods.

I saute about half a green pepper diced with a splash of olive oil and a minced clove of garlic.(i grate mine on a microplane and i SWEAR i was doing that before Rachel Ray. I think she saw one of my blogs). Before the garlic burns add your ground beef. i used to use a pound and it was more of a thin tomato sauce, but since i’m digging a meaty sauce now i just about double it. So, lb and half or more of ground beef. Salt and pepper your meat as it cooks. Drain if greasy and then it’s time to add your tomatoes. This you can just play by ear. Last night I made a batch and I used a Large(28oz) can of whole tomatoes and pulsed them in a blender. Then I added 2(14oz) cans of petite diced tomatoes(left as is). I used to always add paste as well, but i’ve been leaving that out and I like it better. A splash of sugar helps too! Then I just leave it on low heat until its time to eat. Serve on angel hair or thin spaghetti which is what i grew up on. I might buy regular spaghetti just to be a rebel…


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simple finds

I just did some quick research to make myself feel better about promoting Walmart, but they kinda let me down(shocking from walmart, i know). I was aware of their financial backing of gay rights and that made me feel a little better about shopping there, but according to sources they revoked all future donations because of complaints and threats of boycotts. Ugh….so, because of that, this will be my last post promoting any product i bought there….because i will NO LONGER SHOP THERE!

call me a hypocrite for even posting this, but i already cropped the picture. damage is done!

$9 shoes, $4.5 pants

neither look like much, but the pants are SUPER cute and cozy on. i am good at imagining things. and the shoes are made from 70% recycled products. My son, who has big/fat feet can only wear certain styles and these do great.

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Saving on Food w/ Coupons…..Real Food

I have always managed to keep my grocery budget pretty low….at least compared to other’s. I just don’t buy a huge variety of things and I don’t keep junk food in the house(although i do manage to end up with it. magic?). BUT, lately I have been sucked into couponing. On rare occasions I buy what I wouldn’t typically buy, such as warm delight mini’s or totino’s pizza(ok, i do buy those), because it’s cheap, but I am surprised at what I can get that was already on my lists. 

Within the week I am going to break down the cost of a meal, but for now I am going to share some of my scores!

Bertolli Olive Oil(17oz)…………………………   $2.49(usually $6.99)

Pompeian Pure Olive Oil(16oz.)………………   $1.70(usually $5.39)

Fresh Express Salad Mix(12.oz)……………….  $0.29(usually $2.79)

GM Fiber One Cereal…………………………….   $1.39(usually $4.29)

Hunt’s Tomato’s(14.5oz can)………………….   $0.39(usually $1.39)

Swanson’s Broth(32oz.)…………………………   $0.29(usually $2.59)

Bumble Bee Light Tuna(5oz. pouch)……………  $0.50(usually $1.5o+)


All* Free and Clear Detergent (32 loads)………$1.62(usually $5.24)

these expamples would typically @ full price total $23.44

I spent $8.67

I also get things such as rice, pasta, juice, cheese and yogurts for practically nothing….and don’t even get me started on drugstore robbery!

The best part in all of this is that I never step foot in a Walmart anymore. I get to shop at Publix, Bilo(gas perks), who double coupons 50/60 cents or less, and CVS.

It’s as simple as saving coupons, waiting for the products to go on sale and stocking up! You can find coupons online to print as well……

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