Brewer’s 5th birthday: treasure hunt

some of these photos are duplicated. i wanted one post with everything…

you can find more pictures if you click here…

and a tutorial on the maps, clues and invites if you click here…

the kids on their adventure…

the blue string was a clothes line from the dollar tree. it actually saved my butt a few times over for this party! the wind was insane so i had to use small bits of this on the corners of the fabric i used for the table cloth. it looked neat and nautical.

their treasure

homemade bbq and slaw sandwiches and homemade lemonade…

compass topped strawberry shortcakes!

**check back soon. i’ll elaborate on what i did, but i’m super tired right now!


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today’s retro finds from goodwill…

i have a friend with a military ID. every wednesday they get 25% off at goodwill…i now have plans EVERY wednesday!

here are a few finds from today…

a mid-century swivel chair

thermos that was marked $25, HA!

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treasure hunt party: sneak peek of food…

homemade lemonade. i cleaned out wine (and a tequila) bottles and used replacement cork. corks are a BITCH to find.

i made homemade bbq and coleslaw and pre-made the sandwiches. i wrapped them in wax paper, tied them with a red string and placed them in an old wooden box that i lined with cloth napkins…

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treasure hunt party: part 1

clue number 1 said “your next clue is in the tall grass at the edge of the world. beware of jagged rocks”

after 4 clues they found their treasure chest…

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fantastical ReStore finds…downtown charleston, SC

got this little diamond in the rough booger for $125 (hard to hand over that much money)

got 6 panels and a weird long valence for $15

i also got an 80’s twin planet bedskirt and pillowcases for $4 and 4 mid-century legs for $1

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GREAT thrift finds today…i hope

i found pyrex coffee cups, vintage books(of course), fondue pots, vintage bags and luggage and furniture! I believe I spent less than $25

this was 16¢. i love the goodwills that do shit by the pound!

this is a vintage samsonite carry on luggage bag and a vintage etienne aigner purse. when i saw the luggage i almost growled at the old wonky eyed women around me! at the time i had no idea the price. it was also done by the pound and was about $2!

i’m just gonna say one thing…the nastier the goodwill, the better the finds.

it’s nothing a little nix® can’t fix

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carbonara with fresh made fettuccine

I bought a pasta maker for $4 last week at the ReStore and was itching to make some homemade fettuccine. so, when Heather at home-ec101 was looking for a guest poster for “fearless friday” I thought it fit right in and jumped at the chance. I have to light fires under my ass to get stuff done…

I chose carbonara because I wanted something fattening. what’s bikini season without cellulite?  😉

i found this recipe for carbonara about a year ago. It’s an Emeril Lagasse recipe and it’s easy and delicious. I change the pasta up here and there. I typically use rigatoni(my favorite), but the fresh made fettuccine added a special touch…

keep your eye out tomorrow for the “fearless friday” post on how I made it, but for now i will post some pictures

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cinco de mayo…homemade tacos

i LOVE homemade flatbread, but rolling each one out separately can be a pain in the neck. i was anxious to try my new(to me) pasta maker to see if it would aid in the process. it took a few tries to get if floured right without sticking, but it worked great. sooo excited! i love when shit works out!

so, i had all this flatbread and nothing greek related to make with it so i decided to go all cinco de mayo on their asses! i know today is cuatro, but whatev!

i was about to bust out the 1.5million grams of sodium packet, but decided if i can make homemade tortillas (the names changes when you go from greek to mexican) i can surely find some cumin and go all out. bobby flay immediately came to mind and i found this picadillo recipe right away…i only followed the recipe for the meat and left out cilantro because it taste like dead hooker.

(onions, garlic and seasonings)

now all i need is a pina colada made with a small scoop of vanilla icecream…Mmmm

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