midnight snack….cabbage and black eye peas

i got a major craving for a bean based soup. i thought about what i had in the fridge and chose frozen black eye peas and cabbage. 2 high flavor, high fiber foods. fiber is SOOOO important for your diet. especially women. did you know we’re supposed to have like 30 grams of fiber a day? and i promise if you start eating it, you will more than likely lose weight. you’d think i’d follow my own advice and after tonight i will!!

i seriously ate the entire pot!

this was supposed to be soup, but last minute i decided to add some rice.

cabbage and black eye peas

2 tablespoons coconut oil

clove garlic, minced

2 cups finely diced cabbage

handful finely diced onions

1/2 cup rice

1lb. frozen black eye peas

drizzle olive oil

– put oil and garlic into pot. turn to medium heat. dice your cabbage and onion and add into pot. salt and pepper. after about a minute add uncooked rice and let all cook for another 2 minutes.i drizzled some olive and then sprinkled a tiny bit of chicken bouillon(next time i plan to use veggie stock) and then about 2.5 cups of water. cover and turn to low. 30 minutes for al dente peas(yum!) and about 45 minutes for fully cooked.


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brewer’s 6th birthday party

my baby(?) boy turned 6 years old on friday. this year was supposed to be pizza and a movie at home, but he decided he wanted an indiana jones party. it’s the first year he has been excited about the planning so we went with it.  i kinda dropped the ball this year and things didn’t go as I had planned, but it happened and i tried to make it look as “fun” as possible so i could make a post

we managed to avoid the storms that were heading our way for the outdoor party and had a beautiful breeze. that, however, kept us from lighting candles…so, that night when brewer and his daddy were playing with his lot-o-toys i brought in some leftover mini cupcakes with 6 trick candles. OF COURSE, i didn’t get a picture. so, yeah, had to mock it a few minutes later.

…not being able to light the candles at the party was fine because we needed to not draw attention to the cupcakes. they tasted great, looked cool, but uh, yeah, there weren’t enough. (PLEASE RSVP TO PARTIES)

now, on to the party earlier that day…didn’t get a DAMN picture the entire time because i was running around trying to keep it all together and apologizing to everyone for the lack of organization.

brewer and i had an entire plan for the tablescape. but this is ME we’re talking about and despite all the ideas in my brain i couldn’t execute it because of time and lack of help. there were skeleton cups that were to hold monkey brains (caramel popcorn balls), which my mom did , but i never got them into the cups. which means there were empty cups and caramel popcorn wrapped in wax paper.

there was supposed to be eyeball soup (lemonade with eyeball ring suckers floating inside), but we ended up with lid-less tupperware pitchers with lemonade and a cardboard box to the side with wrapped eyeball suckers sitting inside.

the game was to be a scavenger hunt which started out with 2 bolders(large rubber balls) chasing the children down a hill which was to lead them to 3 different flag posts spread across a large park. each flag was to have a different group of hidden things to find. skulls/bones, snakes and lastly a crystal skull filled with magnets.

in reality, i was left at the park by myself with a canopy that was flying over with the wind. so instead i put all 3 flags within a few feet of each other with bones/snakes and crystal skulls with magnets all just sitting on the ground. the hill was behind a large wall and one of the “bolders” had been kicked into the river anyways so that part was cut out of the plan. the kids ran to the first flag, practically knocked me over and never listened to another direction. they were at the 2nd flag in less than a second and one of the young guests ran so fast that she liturally went flying out into the rock cliffs at the edge of the river. she wasn’t hurt, but she may be scarred for life. the 3rd flag was no different…no directions were able to be given and children that weren’t on the guest list grabbed magnets that should have gone to someone else. no one cried, so that’s a success i suppose.

it ended with a play sprinkler in which brewer slipped and busted both knees open. he didn’t want everyone to leave, so he cried and expressed that this was NOT the party he wanted. i can’t blame him…

can’t wait to post next years party. 3 guests, cici’s pizza and a movie AT HOME!

love you, baby. i’m just hoping all your great gifts have fogged your memory 😉

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thrifting thursday: fashion: vintage skirt

thought i’d incorporate a fashion post into today’s because i scored this skirt for 99¢. it’s one of my favorites. so much so that i have worn it a few times even though it’s about 4 sizes too big and makes me look frumpy(er). i will take it in soon so it’s more flattering…..and so i can wear it ALL summer.

i’ve been posting my rings because they are my favorite accessory. earrings give me infected knots, bracelets make me feel claustrophobic and my love for necklaces ends when i find them in tangles. cheap, awesome rings are EVERYWHERE!

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fashion…and cake

went to my beautiful cousin’s baby shower today. i was asked to bring the cake, of course. it’s one of my own creations. its a fruit tart cake. they all agreed that being fired from my job was a HUGE MISTAKE! ♥ my family!

found these shoes last week. not only are they a SIZE 10, but they are a burnt yellow color and vintage. sorry, these are kinda awesome!

the ring i bought from a store in mt pleasant called Ab Fab. i was delivering a vintage table that she was buying from me and with some of my profit, i bought this ring she had in her store. i can’t find the designer, but she is local and i wear this ring quite often!

if you’ve noticed, i wear that cardigan top quite often. i kinda like it and i kinda stole it from my mom. i also stole that belt from her…thanks mom!

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my job as a pastry chef is over…

i was “let go” from my job today. i wasn’t really told the reason, but i got the impression it was because one pie was too salty. i was on my own there, never got much direction. never had the ingredients i needed. i was patronized, bullied and sabotaged by a certain boss and told by others that when i was not at work my “nice fat ass” was talked about quite a bit.

as you can tell i wasn’t comfortable there to begin with, but i loved the actual job and i was a hard worker when i had the guidance and ingredients i needed. i always did what i was asked. i made initiative when i was told it was incouraged, but had everything i did pushed aside and ignored.

when i was told today it was done in a nice manor. i even comforted my main boss because i could tell it was hard for him. i got to hear later today when i was coming to terms with it that things MUCH different were being said. i shy away from drama, but goddamnit i am a human and i have a little pride.

i don’t like fucking up.

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after my last post the 2 people who read this now know how i’m feeling about myself. so, since i’m going to be a maid of honor in less than 7 months and i about cried in a dressing room today, i need to make some changes. i have a new focus and that’s fresh ingredients. will i splurge, yes, but only if i i’ve eaten healthy all day and haven’t gone over a normal amount of calories. these are my current obsessions and what i’ll focus on for now…

*i love healthy food and i eat it. just not enough…

the food photos can be found here, here and here

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fashion…the raw truth

i will admit; i am the most unphotogenic person i’ve ever met. people are always trying to convince me otherwise, but what they won’t understand is that if you see a picture of me you like it’s one of 200,000 and THAT’S WHY I ACTUALLY POSTED IT ONLINE. that is why i can’t believe i’m posting this next picture. i look fat (well, because i have gained so much weight i want to die) and ugly and i swear i feel like it all looks better when i’m looking in the mirror…

either way, i’m ready to start making fashion post so here it is…

so there’s the raw truth…i’m fat, ugly and have no self esteem. it’s annoying, i know.

everything i’m wearing is from marshall’s

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brewer’s 6th b-day invitations

i can’t believe my baby, brewer is turning 6 in 2 weeks…..oh, crap! i have a lot to do!!

here are his invitations. i didn’t put near as much work into them as i did last year, but i think they’re just as cool

this year’s theme is indiana jones. expect monkey brains, snakes, skulls and more treasure

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thrifting thursdays…a quickie edition

2 reStores, not much time…but i still found some great things!

i also got a handmade pillow case with what i believe is vintage,but not quite sure. i’ll show that in a finder’s keepers post when i get a pillow shoved inside.

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fashion… thrift store boots for russell lee

i’m always on the lookout for vintage boots. whether for me, brewer or russell. this week i saw a man’s pair and assumed they were way too big and overpriced. debbie downer was proven wrong. perfect size and $1.99

they must’ve been owned by a real cowboy cause MAN are they worn. all the more awesome of a find…you’re welcome russell lee

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