photography for sale

my husband has some work up at for sale. we are hoping to help with my son’s schooling and speech therapy.

they are a great price! 

click here: RleePadgett.Etsy.Com

here are some more examples…there are several more including more instrument shots!


click here to view and purchase: RleePadgett.Etsy.Com


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bathroom renovation

i am one of the millions trying to sell a house to no avail. i am going to lose money as it is, but i figure if my house looks a little better than the neighbors then atleast i will get it out of my hands first!

my first order of business is the bathroom and here is my plan:

here a little before and during:

now if i could just get up there to finish…ugh!

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easy pasta

 with a life where my husband works nights and is never home for dinner and a child who only eats green things that are in pasta and are only peas or spinach, this is what dinner looks like quite a bit….

it’s never exactly the same and last night was special cause i had Boursin cheese!

i sauteed olive oil with roughly chopped garlic, added the pasta with frozen peas, kosher salt and then melted some Boursin in with it. YUM! i think some crushed red pepper would make it delish, but i have a 4 year old…

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crab wontons w/ sweet and sour sauce

I am hoping to get a guest blog featuring eggrolls over at, but in the meantime i’m gonna post about crab wonton’s here. i typically do them whenever i make eggrolls and USUALLY accompany them with dessert wontons and pineapple glaze. i am sick. so, you don’t get them. maybe next week.

these are very simple. buy wonton wrappers in the produce section. usually by the tofu…yeah, i don’t know where that is either….

the filling is a 6oz-ish can of crab meat. i’ve used fresh before too…i hate crab and don’t eat them, but i haven’t heard complaints on either choice. cream an 8oz cream cheese and add the crab. i’m sure there is some fancy seasoning you can add….again, i don’t eat seafood so i haven’t a clue and around these parts you can put poo in a wonton wrapper and fry it and people would fight over the last one!

i don’t recall fast food wontons being wrapped like this, but this is how i do it. it’s cute and i call it a blossom. dot all corners with some cornstarch paste(cornstarch and water until it makes a paste) and pull up opposite sides and squeeze. grab the other two sides and squeeze.

have fun with it. fry it in PEANUT OIL. i only had vegetable oil last night and they were too greasy for my liking. medium heat is good and keep an eye on them. they fry fast. drain on paper towel.

i serve it with homemade sweet and sour.


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