my son’s room

Brewer’s room:


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kid’s room art

i have been eyeing poster’s on eBay for quite some time. not sure why i’ve waited so long, but i finally purchased two to hang in my son’s room. i do believe once they are hung his room will FINALLY be complete!

you can find these and MUCH more on eBay listed under “wpa poster”. they are reprints of vintage war time posters. there are some pretty interesting ones and i’m sure i will order more in the future.

only thing that bothers me is that their sizes aren’t standard as far as poster frames go. these 2 sizes are 14×22 and 15×22 and seeing as though i refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for custom framing my best bet was 16×20 frames from walmart. i’m hoping for the best!

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kung fu, who?

just a quick tip on CUTE, cheap shoes for kids. i originally tried to get some canvas shoes from, but they didn’t have toddler sizes. my husband bought a pair of kung fu shoes for drumming so i found toddler size 12 on ebay for my 4 year old son. they are THE cutest, softest and easiest shoe EVER!


$5.99(plus shipping)

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brewer’s 4th birthday

i like to think i get better and better at throwing parties…especially kid’s birthday parties, but this year….

ok, i’m being hard on myself. everyone had a GREAT time, but you wouldn’t know it because it was so unorganized that i didn’t get a good picture of anything! good skills or not i can usually bullshit my way through with a camera and smoke and mirrors.  but this is all you get…..



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make healthy look cute

i gave my son a birthday party this past Saturday and will have pictures to follow, hopefully soon, but for now i’ll throw in the ONLY healthy thing i served….

i grabbed an empty plate so i’m assuming they were eaten and not thrown over the fence.

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