the simple things in life…cream cheese and jam on day old bread

the first time i remember going to a “fancy” restaurant with my mom and aunts was a place downtown charleston called “baker’s cafe” i think it moved to daniel island, but it never noticed it opened. if you know, please tell me…

i remember they didn’t have soda. i remember they were the first place i discovered monte cristo’s served with jam. i also remember they would serve a basket of french bread toasted with a side of cream cheese and their house jam. it was so simple, but i NEVER think to do it at home for me or for brunches. well that has changed!

i know it seems so simple, but MAN is it good!!

and what’s toast without being served on a vintage plate…


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things in life ARE free…antique frame

i am not lying to you when i say that i found this 6ft tall antique frame on the side of a tree at my mom’s church!

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my etsy shop full of vintage goodies

i have just started an etsy page. it’s full of vintage decor and clothing

i don’t talk about fashion much here, but i’m gonna start…

here are my current listings. feel free to browse and buy!

click here to buy

click here to buy

click here to buy

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coffee cake biscuit rolls with coffee glaze

this recipe came to me the other day when i wanted a dessert. i tweak my biscuit recipe to be “cinnamon rolls” all the time, but this time i wanted something a little different.

the only thing i do different to the biscuit recipe is add about 1/4 c. sugar. then i roll out the dough with flour and spread the entire thing with soft butter. this time i sprinkled it with brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped pecans. i rolled it up, sliced it and baked that bitch @ 350 for about 20 minutes.

i frosted the hot biscuits with a coffee glaze. i used powdered sugar, soft butter and coffee extract

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vintage office chair re-do

i found this chair at a local goodwill and after trying to sell “as is”, i decided to make it my first REAL re-upholstery job. i’ve done tons of kitchen chairs, but nothing like this.

i must say, i know it’s not perfect, but i’m pretty proud of my gung-ho attitude!




i probably shouldn’t say all this, but..the chair cost me $4 and the fabric i found for $2.80/yard!! minus the staples i used and the labor time, this chair cost me $11

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art: wpa posters

i am REALLY ready for some new art on my walls… i have 2 wpa poster re-prints for my son’s room and i think i wanna get something for myself. i LOVE many of them, but i’m looking for something a little less cliche. these are what i’m liking today. i leaning towards the one that is actually cut off. i like the “rawness” of it, i like the music notes and i love the muted red and green together…

…what do you think?

you can find the others at

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