thrifting thursdays…over sized shirt

i am really having a mid life crisis with my style. it’s mostly because i’ve gained so much weight, but it’s also because my tastes change so often. i tried the vintage dresses and skirts, but as cute as others look in those, i kinda just look like a douchebag so it’s back to the drawing board.

a month or two ago i picked up a simple striped shirt from the thrift store. it was oversized, but i knew i could do something with it. i loved the color, i loved the stripe and i loved the feel of it. it was a tad “warm” for it yesterday, but i wore it anyways!

i paired it with a white wife beater tank top(t-shirt pictured) and a brown leather belt

i also wore this necklace that my grandmom made for me. i had mentioned the vintage key necklace look a few years ago and for christmas she used some she had and bought a chain for it. it’s one of my favorites!

the shirt is from, get this, dress barn. *nerd alert*

i got it for $1.99 at a local thrift store


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thrift adventures…when a piece chooses you

i posted my thrifting thursday yesterday and mentioned a chandelier that i found. there is a fun little story behind this find. at least it’s fun to me…

again, this specific store always has at least one lighting treasure. i saw this fixture on the very top shelf. i noticed one side was loose and then noticed that one of the globes was missing. had it been cheaper i probably would have considered it anyways, but figured “no telling if i could find 5 matching globes to fit” so i continued on my restore adventure. towards the end of my shopping i walked back over and started looking at out-of-the-way shelving and FOUND A MATCHING GLOBE! it was priced separate. although excited i realized that the other’s had a white globe insert that the black sheep globe was missing. i kept digging and FOUND THE WHITE GLOBE! my husband was helping me get it down and checking the globe to see how it worked and noticed it had a missing a part where the lightbulb was to screw in. it’s a piece that could easily have been bought, but guess what? WE FOUND IT ON ANOTHER SHELF!!

it’s fun to find things like this, but it’s more fun to have it pretty much continue to persuade you to buy it!

i ♥ when things work out…

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vintage chalkboard fun

awhile back i came across a handful of vintage chalkboards for my “shop” and before i sold them we had tons-o-fun

i can only IMAGINE how fun my “new” chalkboard will be. it’s probably a good 7 feet!!

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thrifting thursday’s…the never fail retro lighting thrift store

there is a specific thrift store that i rarely go to, but EVERY TIME i do i find some kind of retro, vintage lamp or chandelier. today was no different. i found a wooden and brass swag chandelier AND a small glass saucer/bubble mid century globe. i knew a friend who likes that style so i dropped it off to her, but here are some cell shots i got of it.

i ALSO got a HUUUUUGE vintage wooden framed school chalkboard. that will be up for sale tomorrow. and i will edit in a picture of the chandelier once i can get a good shot of it!

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my sister’s engagement party

one of my sister’s bridesmaid’s set up an engagement stock the bar party for my sister and her fiance last night. i did a chunk of  the food and cupcakes…it was at my sister’s place of employment: the tattooed moose

go eat their burger. you’ll die happy

prep for crab and artichoke bites. i’ll share the recipe later. soooo good.

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thrifting thursdays…(it’s almost saturday)

just a quick picture of what i found today. went in for clothes, but couldn’t resist the furniture section. they’re for sale so it’s okay…

i always get very excited when i find a mid century arm chair. they tend to sell very well and quite frankly they just make me happy to find and look at until they sell. this is also my first hairpin find…the legs alone are worth the purchase! sometimes i wish i had a 30,000 square foot house!

i only got a cute little lingerie top, but brewer scored some things. a 70’s book “fish is fish”, a striped gap zip up in GREAT condition for 99¢, a pair of seersucker shorts and a pair of shoes that apparently retail for like $60. i got them for $1.50

have i ever mentioned how much i ♥ thrifting? although…trying on clothes(that don’t fit) during the summer isn’t fun!! i was a sweaty fool when i was checking out.

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daily life…sinus pressure

i am having the WORST sinus pressure of my LIFE. if i bend down, lay down, sit up, stand up or move anything i get sharp shooting pains all over my face, neck and ears. it’s almost sent me to my knees a few times!

but life goes on…and thank GOODNESS for power rangers on netflix, dirty crunchy doggie toys and soft down comforters that could use a good washing.

after plenty of time spent with his babysitter, red ranger, he begged me to watch with him or play darth vader , but i was able to convince him that reading a book in bed was a better idea. he brought this book to me…

 which i found fitting since both boy and puppy were laying in bed with me. this is a sweet little weekly reader from 1948.

after the book was finished brewer drove obie NUTS by smothering him in love and then proceeded to play “2 year old” until i couldn’t take it anymore…

now brewer is building forts in my closet with the mounds of clean laundry that has remained on my floor for lord knows how long. i’m just gonna lay here until i have to get up to make dinner. i think i even promised to make homemade fettucine for a pasta dish. ugh!

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finder’s keeper’s sneak peek

as the few of you readers know, i deal vintage furniture. i just picked up a mid century modern bedroom set with a matching dresser, highboy chest of drawers and a full size bed. between yesterday and today i have edited my listing 3 times because i have decided to keep the highboy and the bed!

the highboy will replace brewer’s broyhill brasilia

and the bed(although a size smaller than our queen mattress) will be in our room. yay!!

it’s one of those shelf beds. because of the antlers hung above my bed and the new(to me) headboard i also cleaned my bedside table. maybe once the shelves are decorated it’ll make me want to pick up all the laundry off my floor. ugh!!

also, i’m gettin’ a little redneck up in here. more to come soon…

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casual fashion…brewer

i’m not a fan of boy t-shirts these days. movie characters, etc.  so, i’m always on the lookout for any vintage shirts that are soft, worn in, unique and 99¢

the shirt brewer wore today isn’t technically vintage to me because i was born by then, but he wasn’t. 80’s baby…

this is a little california fish t-shirt. i love the colors and i love how it feels

paired it with a pair of levi cutoffs and a stinky pair of plaid shoes from walmart. and by stinky, i mean the smell would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.

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midday snack…applesauce cobbler

groceries seem to disappear around here very quickly. today i NEEDED something sweet and didn’t have much energy or ingredients. i decided on a cobbler and since the only fresh fruit i had in the house were moldy peaches and a banana(ew!) i decided to use applesauce. let me tell you…YUM!

1/2 cobbler

4T. melted butter

1/2 c. self rising flour

1/2 c. sugar

3/8 c. milk

1/4c. simple syrup

individual cup of apple sauce

                -bring 2 parts sugar, 1 part water to a boil. add your applesauce and set aside. in an oven safe bowl (preferably a vintage pyrex) melt your butter, whisk in sugar and add flour and milk. whisk until smooth (few lumps okay) and dump the applesauce syrup right on top. DON’T mix it in. the cobbler will bake up around it and you won’t be sorry.

                -bake at 350 for about 25 minutes

                -and next time, make the regular size batch!

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