my finds at ReStore…

i got some stuff for myself at ReStore today…

i picked up 3 hardbacks($1/ea.) and realized their $3/bag deal was back on…so i got ALL OF THESE BOOKS FOR $3

so, these books were, what, $0.15/each

more of my collection

the top left picture(round things are knobs) came from ReStore. the rest came from thriftway(my favorite). bitch left the hand out of my bag so i had to go back and fight for it…(j/k, she was nice and it was an honest mistake. they gave it to me gladly when i went back)


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a few finds @ ReStore: Mt.Pleasant, SC

the $30 leather chair in the bottom picture is soooo comfy…a little worn.

isn’t this so cute?! $5

i had a hard time not picking it up…

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we went-a-strawberry pickin’

he, my son Brewer, wanted to make a pie with these. i’m not keen on all fruit pies, so i made an ina garten’s crostata recipe with them…

it tasted great, but next time i will keep the strawberries whole cause it got kinda mushy. i’d also have a picture of the finished “pie”, but when it was cooling i went upstairs to take a bath and when i got down it was almost gone and not pretty!

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kinda off topic…my headshot

i got my headshot yesterday because i auditioned for “little red wagon” today. it’s weird looking at a close up of yourself on an 8×10. ick!

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retro mid century chair…craigslist find

ok, so it’s not quite a craigslist find. i found it yesterday at a thrift shop, but i’m gonna try to sell it first. if i doesn’t sell i’m gonna KEEP IT! i love the size. its small and could work in any type of room. i secretly hope i can keep it!

you can find it HERE in Charleston, SC

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i submitted an audition tape to “glee” and would LOVE your gold star: CLICK HERE

please excuse my weird intro voice…i was trying to be peppy and i really just sound creepy and stupid!

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old printer’s drawer as shelving…craigslist find

you can find this on charleston, sc craigslist for $85. i’m not gonna lie-i have NO idea if that is a good price. it’s not something that usually catches my eye while antique shopping, but now they definitely will because they make GREAT little knick knack shelves!

so i’m definitely on the hunt for one that is around $5, but if you’re anxious and hate to shop buy the one above!

(there is another picture for inspiration i’m searching for…hopefully i will be able to post it soon)

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old barn doors inside and 2 craigslist finds…

i LOVE the use of materials for interior design. these doors are listed on charleston, sc’s craigslist for $275 and $300. a bit pricey for my blood, but look at what can be accomplished…

i am somewhat obsessed with the “door on a track” look. i’ve been trying to talk my mom into doing something similar with narrow french doors, but whatever…she won’t listen.

you can find these inspiration pictures here and here

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my “make do” floor mirror…

apparently large bare wall mirrors are a hot item these days! i tried to swipe one off craigslist and it was gone within the day and i saw several sold at a ReStore. my plan was to build a frame out of thick molding and use it as a stand up floor mirror for my bedroom. then i remembered my parents had removed one from the bathroom in the house we “rent” from them. i went hunting through their shed and found it…and boy was it pretty…

i spent about 30 minutes scraping the “pretty” off. it was much smaller than i want, but it did the job. it was even better when i moved a low bench for it to sit on top of.

this corner set-up is very new and i have many more plans for it.

i decided not to frame it because i liked the raw look of it. i even plan to scrape a little more of the back corners to give it that “aged” look…

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our easter eggs…

the eggs that the easter bunny hid were our funky speckled ones. i got the kit at the dollar tree and even though it left our hands covered in dye we were VERY happy with them. they made my cousin’s say that next year they were coming here to dye eggs. yay!

the other 4 eggs were the ones i did with red onion peels. i think they are so beautiful and next year i will most definitely try again and play around with other ideas…

this was last year’s

easter is fun…especially if you get out going to church 😉

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