craigslist find: mid-century modern dresser

i was on the hunt for a mid-century dresser for my son’s room. i was searching thrift stores and stalking craigslist every hour on the hour for months…finally one day i posted in the “wanted” section with sample pictures.

FINALLY that night at about 9pm there it was. it wasn’t a response to my ad at all…it was just there under “furniture”  in all it’s retro glory. i made my husband call that instant (i am terrified of phone calls…dont ask) and he promised it to us. we set it up to go look at it the next day. i actually hesitated because i always freak about spending money, but we finally went. you can tell he was a decent man because he had calls after us offering MUCH more (he might be a liar though. yup, he is a man, thats it. he lied) as we were pulling off he said “thanks, sure wish i woulda asked for more money”. oh well, sucka!

half way home we realized a cat liked it just as much. so much so that he pissed all over one of the legs. i was worried, but i cleaned it VERY well. i made friends and family walk into the room to smell.

i was curious to see who made it so i looked on the back and it was Broyhill. i went searching for pictures and discovered it was from the Brasilia collection…mocked after the architecture in Brasil. i also found that i kinda hit the mother fucking jackpot. well, not quite, but i found a mirror (that i also got with it) on ebay or something  that was going for $250 alone. not sure if people are paying, but i’m just sayin’

i love it…

the mirror gave the room a very “mature” look and even though my son says words like “freakin” and “poop”, he is only 4 and it didn’t fit. (ok, he says shit and fuck too…look, i do have good qualities i swear)

but i found it was the perfect size to be a floor standing mirror for him. it makes me look SUPER fat, but he looks “amazing” in it. (thats what he told me the other day when i dressed him for a party or something)



March 21, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Melli Bigg replied:

    I`m so jealous, I love the dresser! Great find, and the rest of his room looks great too. I especially like the rug and lightswitch cover.

  2. ragamuffindesign replied:

    i do feel lucky to have the dresser. i have another mid century dresser too that i love, but its always covered by junk and its missing a handle. sorry, i’m rambling!

  3. finder’s keeper’s sneak peek « ragamuffin design replied:

    […] the highboy will replace brewer’s broyhill brasilia […]

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