must get to ikea…

…cause i keep thinking about this fabric to pair with this lamp’s shade!

…and then selling it for a MILLION dollars to some elderly poor person. sorry, i’m still bitter.


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mommy has tattoos feature

my lovely friend adrienne over at littleakorn has featured me in her mommy has tattoo’s mondays!!

click here to see

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thrifting thursdays

i found a couple of project pieces this week. two of them include a matching pair of mid century side tables.

i went to lowes and bought a  quart of bright, burnt yellow paint and some wood filler to fix the underside

i’ll be getting those done this week and listing. also for sale is a piece i found yesterday. A PINK FLORAL SECTIONAL SOFA!

you can see more pics and purchase from here

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changing corners…

last night at about midnight i decided i needed to re-design 2 corners in my livingroom…

that’s all…

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i’m a drummer….

not really, but my husband is and this past christmas he wanted me to feel included so he bought me these 3 VIC FIRTH items.

first up was this marble rolling pin. i love my french rolling pin, but this heavy marble one works MUCH better for rolling out any kind of yeast dough. it worked miracles on flatbread last week.


and as excited as i was to open that, i was even more excited to open up these:

i mean HOW cool are these?!? so convenient for anyone who cooks like me…i’m a hot mess running around and to be able to season your food with one hand? score! my son has curiously become addicted to salting his food. you can find these here

here is my husband on vic firth’s roster here


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fashion: the hubby, russell lee

the other day i snapped a few shots of my husband’s outfit. the kitchen was too messy and the lighting was too bad, but i did some cropping and it’s gonna have to do!

my husband is kinda particular in what he wears so i was happy when he liked these cool dumpy shoes i found at my favorite thrift store. i just LOVED the deep red color and MANLY buckles. they might have even been $1.99

one of the buckles was broken so we just popped a safety pin in for that “i’ll cut fashion’s throat” look

and to be nice, his band’s website: under the flood

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finder’s keepers

on friday’s i make a quick trip to the reStore while my son is taking piano lessons. today the vintage furniture was non-existent, but they had boxes of scrap fabric 3/$1.00. i only saw one i liked, but didn’t want to use a debit card for 25¢. i wasn’t able to dig into every box at the moment, so i walked over to the lamps until i have full reign. i was about to walk away when i saw this…

it was $4 and even has a light bulb in it! the fancy expensive kind that requires NASA to come out and clean it up if it breaks.

i walked back over to the fabric to give it another look…

as i was sifting a girl came straight up to me and said “awwww, can i see that lamp. i guess you just beat me to it. i love old things from the 50’s”

we talked about vintage things and i even offered her the lamp. she wouldn’t take it.

i was able to find 3 rolls of fabric remnants that i really love. i will use it for wrapping or just keep it in my vintage wire basket with my yarn.


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thrifting thursday…

spent most of my week thrifting for re-sales…

here are two of those. one sold within the first day by a repeat buyer

the chairs(6 yellow/6 red) can be found here (i can reserve on etsy if you’re not in charleston). they are super neat. they attach on the sides. i’m thinking old vintage bowling alley?

here are some small things…

cool mid-century coffee and saucer and a retro plastic coffee cup

my husband gave me the side eye about this orange lamp, but COME ON! i might list this for sale…

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final sales:february

i had 9 sales for the month of february. it put me at only $60 shy of my goal and only a day later(march 1st) i would have exceeded my goal. i love being a vintage furniture dealer! (i also made almost as much with this as i did with my daytime job as a pastry chef. i have cool jobs, eh?)

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