thrifting thursdays….friday style

a day late and a dollar short…so it’s a good thing my next finds were all for under $10

i found the smaller jar a few weeks back while thrifting with my friend hollie. i’ve been using it to store coconut oil for obie’s meals. (that’s what you see in the picture) and just today i found this larger jar for a whopping 25¢ at the habitat reStore. i think they are the neatest things. the lids are just glass discs. ♥

then i found this bundled up and only $8

it’s missing a few tassels and the chenille is shedding, but it will look mighty pretty folded and in a basket, box or on top of a cabinet


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meet obie

back in march i fell in love with pictures of a dog needing to be adopted from the animal rescue and relief organization. he had been found neglected and abused and this wonderful group brought the abusers to justice! he was being fostered by them at Lucia’s Premium Pet which is an amazing health food pet shop. obie eats their yummy food and we take him weekly to use their dog wash station…

i have owned cats before, but never a dog. my husband grew up with dogs and always considered getting one for our son, brewer, one day.

obie was the one. we had to go through a process to finally bring him home and on april 1st he came to live. he is an amazing dog with hot mess tendencies, but well behaved and WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!

obie is a possible lab and american bulldog mix. we’re thinking a little pit in there too. isn’t he beautiful?

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cute vintage jars…and oh, cold-brewed coffee

my husband is a coffee fiend. i don’t like it AT ALL unless its in the form of ice cream. i’ve never claimed to be hip so don’t be surprised. a neighbor, allison from ink meets paper, who i know through twitter(and have yet to meet in person…sad) shared a cold-brewed coffee “recipe” via smitten kitchen and i knew my husband would love to give it a shot.

he’s had it every morning since. i thought i’d get him a glass started so he could have some tonight when he gets off work…

i keep his ground coffee in a vintage jar. the canning jar is holding the coffee concentrate. the yellow and green topped jars are just 65¢ items i’ve picked up here and there. i ♥ the colors. and when i was purging those million magnet words everyone seem to collect i kept two for the coffee jar. i think its cute.

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easter rocks

i saw a post over at on painting rocks with easter colors. i knew brewer would love it and his eyes lit up when i showed him. he even tried to convince me that all those rocks he “collects” was for this purpose. how convenient.

i went today and grabbed 4 fun colors and some paint sponges. he needed a project BIG time. it’s spring break , it’s been pouring outside and we’re all STIR CRAZY! plus, he LOVES little holidays like these…

and i tried to capture the beautiful gray color of his eyes, but he kept making silly faces and if you look closely you can see yellow paint on his face. 😉

tomorrow we’ll be making REAL easter eggs! tie dye like last year!

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thrifting thursdays…worth the wait

it’s been several weeks since i’ve posted my thrift finds, but today’s scores are making up for it!!

i was a funny sight…first i saw the table and couldn’t find a floor guy to write me a ticket, so i was carrying it around. i eyed the red steelcase vintage chair**, but left it kinda hidden until i found the guy with the pad of paper. (i almost forgot to go back. i ended up just pushing it around the store. #loser)

 i found a mid century cabinet with no legs for $3.99!! i have legs up the wazoo, so that was a score! it’s not pictured cause i’m gonna fix ‘er up.

i was hovering around these 2 pieces while i turned into a prairie dog poking my head up to get that damn ticket and what was i standing next to? the hutch…it took me awhile to find the price and it was reasonable. i’m not gonna lie, i checked my bank account right then and there.

those are all for sale here

and i always swear i’m going to skip the shelves, but i never do and i found a MUCH needed small cake plate marked half off and the retro-ist ice bucket EVER. they are both green. a very themey day!

**i’ve seen these steelcase chairs a few times for like $3.99 and passed them up because chairs are 50/50 when it comes to sales, but then one day i looked it up and discovered what they were. so i was excited to find this one today even though its not mint condition. it wasn’t $3.99 either. ha!

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fashion: family night

ok, so i’m not very impressive with my fashion posts….YET!

my family of 3 went to a ridiculous chinese buffet for dinner. it was like vegas. then the husband dropped brewer and me off to see “hop” while he did boring “the band needs a new bass player” business. this is what we wore…


vintage handmade dress/thrifted

vintage white belt/thrifted

boots/sam edelman/nyc

ring that you can’t see…well, it’s awesome and i can’t find the designer. she is local from charleston



jeans/levi skinny/target


russell lee:


pants/glitter boy

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