kitchen backsplash in a rental

i am living in a rental, UGH, so anything i do needs to be “temporary” and cheap. i was going to just  buy a large piece of bead board, but those things are $30!! i’m broke. THEN i saw these 1″ x 2″ x 8′ boards for 92¢ each. SO, i’m gonna buy 13(cause that’s what i need) and screw them in(so they can be “screwed” out). the boards are all in different kinds of shape which i LOVE. i’m going to white wash them…




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linen slipcover

i have saved this picture for ages in hopes that one day i would have the same sofa…

well, that day has come. I was given a “paid in full” slipcover coupon from my mom for christmas. hopefully in a few weeks i’ll be posting my own photo!

(photo from

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christmas decor

uh, yeah, so i’ve been missing. new job, kid in kindergarten and a new house. hopefully i’ll be back for good!

so, here’s what i managed to do this year in our new place…

pom pom in the window. wreath i made using yarn, styrofoam balls from the dollar tree and a vintage bird ornament/clip

vintage ornament, my new owl and icicles from the dollar tree. a pack of 12 for $1

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