fun snack

yesterday i treated my sister(and myself) to a massage for her birthday. by the time we arrived i was running on zero calories so i sniped some of the typical snack mix they keep in the lobby…raisins, assorted nuts and m&m’s. i swear, it was delicious and just a palm full did the trick. so, today when my son was asking for a snack i rummaged the cabinets. he was very impressed! i shoulda smeared some flour on my face like the old rice crispy treat commercials!


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floating shelves…

i have become smitten with floating shelves…especially when they are on sale.

this is my son, Brewer’s room. i have done more to it since this picture, but notice the shelf next to his bed. its great for books and flashlights.(the curious george is from when i was younger)

i found this shelf at world market for about $20. i just hung it so i haven’t had the chance to fill it with clutter yet.

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vintage linen/cornbread

the other day a few cousins were making fun of the fact that i served my bread in a bowl and wrapped in linen. i didn’t know there was another way….

“make it look cute” those were my orders. i bake my cornbread in ramekins..i like the rustic look better than muffins. the linen is vintage and looks like it might have been a small table runner.

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cake that’s allowed

i always know i can count on martha. here is her light angel food cake recipe. if you half the serving its about 100 calories a slice. instead of cream and fruit sauce that uses sugar i top it with a dollop of low fat vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberries. its delicious and my 3 year old son LOVES it too!

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the new healthy me

not only have i switched to a HIGH fiber/LOW calorie diet, but i have hired a personal trainer. it’s really doing the trick…slowly but surely. they say that’s the right way to do it. i prefer immediate results which is why i’m giving it a month before i book a lipo appointment…


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