long time no see…i’m finally opening my bakeshop

the 1966 vintage camper i bought last spring has been sitting in my back yard collecting mildew. today marked day 1 of demolition. by halloween of this year it will be a mobile bakeshop. the working title is ragamuffin sugarshop


the first order of business is gutting the fake wood, bowed, mildewed walls and laminate flooring along with removing the cabinet with sink and oven. we got through 3/4 today and will finish tomorrow. here is a progress shot…


 next order of business is replacing the walls with a frp (commercial kitchen grade) panel and the floor with a vinyl commercial tile. think vintage school cafeteria!!

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mobile bakery

i finally did it. i bought a bakeshop. well, kinda because this one has wheels!!

my plans are to fix it up and run my bakeshop out of it in the park circle neighborhood.

all the progress will be shown here!!





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Brewer’s 7th Birthday

this year i went much simpler than usual and the party is exactly what a birthday party should be. it went very well

theme: batman

food: apples and peanut butter. m&m’s, pizza and homemade lemonade

cake: blue velvet cupcakes

game:  silly string attack on villains and batman hole punch

favor: batman pez and silly bands


i spent the last several months collecting coffee bottles and cursed them as i got all the sticky off. I also picked up many packs of reusable straws from Target and Dollar General (i’m obsessed with these straws). i stole some images off of the internet and made some POW batman cupcake toppers with bamboo picks from the dollar tree and a hot glue gun. (said glue gun was left on for HOURS after i was finished. oops)

for one of the “games”, I made a hole punch sheet out of some thin paper. there was no actual point to it, but the kids enjoyed it…well, besides my cousin’s daughter who accidentally punched the pole it was attached to. we might have laughed inappropriately!



 my brother in law, who humors me with printing projects WAY more than he deserves, printed posters of batman villains. they were stapled to the fence and attacked by $25 worth of silly string from the dollar tree. I lucked out with 10 cent batman silly bands (don’t even think kids like them anymore and i KNOW parents don’t) and $1.50 batman Pez at walmart for the favors. the party was short and sweet, the weather felt great because of the tropical storm off the coast and brewer got some great gifts and enjoyed his day with amazing family and friends!!!

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thrifting thursday

i have turned my husband on to thrifting …kind of. cd’s, records and books are his poison. we went yesterday to find some treasures for him and I was already there, so, uh, yeah…



cabinet $20, piggie book ends $10, vintage avon necklace $2


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thrifting thursdays

its been awhile, but I’m still thrifting my little heart out…

these are a few things from the new year






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my new attempts at bento

I’ve been really enjoying trying to make brewer’s school lunches appealing. I have a lot more creative juices flowing and need more bento type supplies, but here are this weeks menus…


I make a mix of raisins, banana chips and peanut butter chips. my son LOVES it. there is a bagel pb&j, crackers with cheese and salami(or ham?) and some pea and carrot risotto… as side there are bunny cheese crackers, grapes and apple sauce that I forgot to put a lid on. It got all over his other food. I felt like a douchebag mommy!

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tattoo tuesday

I’m not starting a weekly tattoo tuesday cause there are plenty of those. just posting a picture of my new one. It happened to be Tuesday



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xmas DIY

I will have christmas pictures of my own to post, but first i wanted to show a project that my cousin did for her son! it’s a tool bench made from a $5 antique ice chest…

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2 meals…one day

…it’s kinda like 2 girls, one cup only it’s not as healthy

this has given my husband a HUGE ego, but he has mastered the chicken tender and i can’t stop telling him. i’ve eaten them for days. last night i wanted an american chinese dinner. i made the sweet  &sour sauce and stir fry; he made his chicken tenders and my mom bought some lumpia. i, of course, got some WEIRD migraine, stomach bug thing that sent me to bed before i could eat. SO, ate a plate at 9:30 this morning. normal, right?

you marinade the chicken in PICKLE JUICE, then dredge it in flour, an egg and buttermilk wash and then back in the flour. fry on medium heat and then burn the shit out of your mouth when they’re done.

at dinner time there were still some left breaded in the fridge. so i fried those boogers up, made a quick tomato basil and fettucine and dropped some fresh mozzarella on top. bake for 10 minutes and watch your sweet baby boy do this…

(note: the orange shirt isn’t a fashion statement. it’s his school uniform)

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ugly mid century house….i WANT!

this is the ugly house. i love mid century homes, i think that’s common knowledge, but i WOULD prefer a front door. so  even though i will never be able to buy another house again because my credit score is about 40 and i’m probably wanted by the police i have completely re-done the curb appeal in my head. in fact, here’s my drawing…

we’ll just pretend i shouted out an idea to my 6 year old son and this is what he came up with.

some more inspiration i scrounged up online

so, my idea is to build a horizontal post fence that covers the carport and on the side by the chimney i will attach a wooden mid century door to sliding attachments to give the appearance of a front door. the carport will be turned into an outdoor room…

in my head cause like i said…the house will never be mine. sigh…




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