friend’s birthday party gift

spring is a big birthday party season for us. we had a double one today and the brother’s got an artsy/crafty gift. i didn’t even know it was dinosaur theme. we lucked out!

on the inside of each one was a drawing pad and a 3D wooden puzzle for them to put together

these, i believe, are a different brand. the ones i got them range from $1-$3 at Michaels. very neat gift idea for CHEAP!




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vintage chest of drawers

lookie what i found today at my local community thrift store……

a 9 drawer vintage dresser for $60. wow!

it’s in wonderful shape except for the one missing pull.

the white paper lantern balls will come down. there used to be a green chair underneath them before i re-arranged.


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cookie mag inspiration

in my latest issue of cookie magazine they featured a DIY piece in a woman’s house that gave me warm fuzzies

(i realized the shot in the magazine was done for the month of may and looked more appealing)

i was gonna steal the idea as soon as i found a multi-paneled window and the very  next day i found this on craigslist.

obviously i won’t be able to squeeze a whole month onto 20 panels, but i don’t care. i have emailed the seller and hopefully they respond with good news…if they even respond. either way, i will find one.

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homemade pizza

i know i have posted this pizza recipe before, but i swear i just cannot get enough of it. i made these for a dinner party the other night and used the left over dough for lunch today.

basil pesto, sausage, pepperoni, wilted spinach, fresh mozzarella

the taste is amazing, it’s easy and fast to make, it looks rustic…what more can you ask for?  my son is turning 4 next month and i plan to let his birthday guests create their own pie for dinner. it’s gonna be fun!

edit: i realized i haven’t posted this recipe before. the other was one of martha’s . this recipe is a staple in our household! please click on the link to home ec 101 and try it!

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out of character…

i just ordered these shoes from payless. not my typical style, but oh how i fell in love….



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