homemade biscuits

let’s see how i did it…

2 heaping cups of self rising flour, 3 heaping large spoonfuls of vegetable shortening and a scant cup to a full cup of milk. (usually a scant works, but this time i kept having to add more. i think it was too much flour)

then i usually get the shortening incorporated into the flour first with a fork or pastry cutter and then i use my fingers. i just make sure all the shortening is in small pieces. you will see that above…

then you will add your milk and stir it gently with a spoon until it JUST comes together. the less you  mess with the dough, the fluffier (is that a word? more fluffy?) they will be.

flour your board and dump the dough out. it will be a little sticky so generously sprinkle flour on top and gently knead about 3 times…just enough to make it not stick to you or your board.

then you flatten it out to about a 1 inch thickness. DO NOT ROLL!

cut out ur buskits, place them touching on a non-greased baking sheet and bake on 350-400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. they should make about a dozen…




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homemade magazine holders

i made some homemade magazine holders. the black and white ones were bought from target and i used them as somewhat of a template. i found the “how to” online in which she used PO boxes. I did as well. don’t tell me i’m going to jail like all of her readers did. i covered mine with wrapping paper and deny until you die is one of my many motto’s. i also believe 2 boxes are owed to me for the shitty attitudes i get to deal with every time i walk into a P.O.

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charleston had some white stuff…

i vaguely remember this white stuff falling from the sky about 20 years ago and it happened again this weekend.

that’s my kid, Brewer. he has to earn his breakfast around here…

ignore her, she was mad i was getting a picture of her new hat…

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random food

just a quick post of today’s food. last night i made my typical(most requested) cookie recipe. it’s just chocolate chip in which i add oatmeal and toasted coconut(sometimes chocolate coated toasted coconut). these are the first batch before i added the coconut. those were gone in minutes so i didn’t get a shot. these had a taste of coffee flavor…

and tonight i made homemade chili, but what i really wanted was sausage dogs…so i ate both. the leftover chili will be for dinner tomorrow with sweet cornbread with an experimental maple twist.

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red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream

got this recipe from martha’s website. i made a few changes, but nothing worth mentioning. it was for my dad’s 60th birthday last night.

the frosting i just made up. cream cheese, butter, shortening, vanilla, powdered sugar and cream.



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a thrifted lamp re-do

i have been a thrift store junky lately, i would say i need to quit, but when you get a lamp, a vintage table, vintage books and a retro mirror all for $6, why stop?

here is the lamp i bought for under $2

but wait…that’s not how i bought it. this is:

and would you believe i left it at the store the day before? i thought about it all night and how great it would look painted a teal color, so i went back and grabbed it and bought a sample can of paint for under $3 and went to work:

(the lamp shade now on it is one i’ve had for ages)

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peanut butter cookies

this recipe was stolen. they are delicious, but next time i’m going to make my own recipe so i can legitimately use them in my bakery….

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vintage children’s books

i don’t remember when or how, but i have recently become a vintage children’s book collector. i love the colors. i also find it amusing how politically incorrect they are. i have to skip words like “the fat lady”. um, yeah….

 (the tank belongs to Tad and Lily, our african dwarf frogs. we love them sooo)

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