lighting options

i usually shy away from posting inspiration unless i have something of my own to share, but today i was window shopping over at overstock  and found some really neat lighting ranging from $20-$300

window shopping being the key word because, as you know, i’m a thrifter. it would be a RARE occasion that i spent even $20 on a lamp or ceiling light, but that’s just me. these are some great options!

i was initially inspired by my whisks from yesterday, but found a few strays that i think could also work in an industrial themed space.

my favorite BY FAR is the $160 pendant right above. the chandelier piece in the middle really does it for me. it’s also giving me some ideas for my beautiful, wonderful, rusty ole whisks!


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my best vintage find to date…


the best part? they were $4 a piece. i went to a restaurant supply store today to research the cost of used equipment and found the whisk aisle with something fun in mind. i knew they would be over $100, but when i found an old rusty one and then another and then 2 more i HAD to ask. the first one was given to me, but when i said i wanted all 4, i offered them a little money.

here is my inspiration and something i have admired for QUITE some time

found here

found here

found here

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thrifting thursdays…don’t tell anyone it’s saturday

i’m pretty into industrial, school room, vintage office chic right now. the other day i found this vintage dual file box. it’s for sale on craigslist, but APPARENTLY people in my town have no taste. i even gave them an example of what to do with it!!

and it even has a set of original cards!

i always pick up these old metal or plastic containers because i have a 6 year old son and if you don’t know it, boys LOVE shit like this….and oh, me too!

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thrifting thursday: vintage map tin

found this little rusty guy yesterday for $1

i’m going to paint the inside to clean it up and polyurethane(?) the outside

i’m VERY slowly getting things done in brewer’s room. the dresser needs sanding and polishing and the things on top are awry, but AT LEAST i got the b’s hung!

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food: dinner for one

i am TRYING to eat healthier. it’s hard. the kid had sloppy joes (with shredded carrots and finely diced yellow squash hidden inside) and i ate later. turkey burger with a dollop of boursin cheese (i know that’s not healthy, but it was moderate) and a BIG side of sauteed yellow squash, onion and cabbage which i cooked in coconut oil with garlic and basil…not too bad and even better….I’M SO FULL!!

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thrifting thursdays…bedside stand decor

some of these may have been posted before…if so, oh well.

this is on my side of the bed. it’s on an old wooden fern stand that belonged to a great aunt

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