habitat for humanity ReStore items you might like…mt. pleasant, SC

yesterday i made my first trip to the habitat for humanity ReStore in Mt. Pleasant, SC. i went back today to buy a large white cabinet, but changed my mind due to size. it is definitely worth picking up because it’s a great size, has great potential and is only $40!! it looks like it came from an old department store…

here are a few other things i saw that i found to be good deals…

1. $45 coffee table. it definitely  needs to be paired with the right furniture, but its a sturdy piece for under $50 and has charm…

2. $40 white cabinet. has 4 doors with 1 shelf inside. excellent condition. about 80″ long. it’s a tad taller than a bench so it should still fit under a window. i say this because it’s 80″ freaking inches long and that size wall might be hard to come by. i also picture it behind a large sofa…the ideas are endless. my husband was going to store his cd’s inside.

3. $20 i know this is just a dirty sink, but it’s a super neat retro green! it could give the right look to a funky kitchen or maybe a workshop or art room? a planter? it had some rust spots, but it’s $20

4. $15 desk. this desk is HUGE! guessing its mid-century; the legs aren’t overly “modern”, but it has tongue and groove drawers. looks like a desk you’d see in a military office or something.

5. $30 mirrors. there are a few chips near the bottoms. one is actually $25, but that one seemed to be in better shape. i didn’t investigate all that much but they are neat and would look great if put in just the right spot!

5. $10 chair. nothing fancy about the upholstery, although in decent shape, but it is a very sweet size. might work for a bedroom, nursery or a small livingroom. the legs are cute so it would have potential if re-covered and @ $10 the cost to re-cover is very feasible!

they also had a march sale where all books and videos were $3 a bag. the bags were large! i know today is the last day of march…maybe they will continue it. if you haven’t been-haggling is frowned upon and they have signs telling you so. the prices are very reasonable and its for charity. if anyone goes and grabs any of these finds let me know!

i got 4 vintage hardback books INCLUDING  “the exorcist”!!


March 31, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Ivey replied:

    Yeah, love habitat! I outfitted my whole office there. I ended up getting a desk similar to the one you have above (can’t beat $15). Mine cost 30 I think. Cool blog.

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      thanks. went to the downtown one today. i plan to visit all of them this month!

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