my new attempts at bento

I’ve been really enjoying trying to make brewer’s school lunches appealing. I have a lot more creative juices flowing and need more bento type supplies, but here are this weeks menus…


I make a mix of raisins, banana chips and peanut butter chips. my son LOVES it. there is a bagel pb&j, crackers with cheese and salami(or ham?) and some pea and carrot risotto… as side there are bunny cheese crackers, grapes and apple sauce that I forgot to put a lid on. It got all over his other food. I felt like a douchebag mommy!


January 25, 2012. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Mellissa replied:

    The lunches look great! 🙂
    I love that bento style lunches have come to America, I saw them featured in a Family Fun magazine a while back. I was a big fan to anything japanese growing up, and still have a huge collection of stuff, only one bento though, and I can`t bear myself to use it for food!
    Anyway, I have seen a lot of great authentic boxes on ebay, still haven`t gotten around to buying any yet, I figured I will wait until school time. (Regular lunches, I like to cut different shapes -out of practically anything- with mini cookie cutters. Kids really love it!)

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