thrift adventures…when a piece chooses you

i posted my thrifting thursday yesterday and mentioned a chandelier that i found. there is a fun little story behind this find. at least it’s fun to me…

again, this specific store always has at least one lighting treasure. i saw this fixture on the very top shelf. i noticed one side was loose and then noticed that one of the globes was missing. had it been cheaper i probably would have considered it anyways, but figured “no telling if i could find 5 matching globes to fit” so i continued on my restore adventure. towards the end of my shopping i walked back over and started looking at out-of-the-way shelving and FOUND A MATCHING GLOBE! it was priced separate. although excited i realized that the other’s had a white globe insert that the black sheep globe was missing. i kept digging and FOUND THE WHITE GLOBE! my husband was helping me get it down and checking the globe to see how it worked and noticed it had a missing a part where the lightbulb was to screw in. it’s a piece that could easily have been bought, but guess what? WE FOUND IT ON ANOTHER SHELF!!

it’s fun to find things like this, but it’s more fun to have it pretty much continue to persuade you to buy it!

i ♥ when things work out…


June 24, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Maggie @livingfoodjunkie replied:

    It was totally meant to be! I love it when things like that happen..happen again..and then happen again! It always feels so good when things just workout wonderfully 😀

  2. ragamuffindesign replied:

    agreed!! can’t argue with fate

  3. Rebecca Brown Davis replied:

    That’s amazing! What a wonderful find.

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