daily life…sinus pressure

i am having the WORST sinus pressure of my LIFE. if i bend down, lay down, sit up, stand up or move anything i get sharp shooting pains all over my face, neck and ears. it’s almost sent me to my knees a few times!

but life goes on…and thank GOODNESS for power rangers on netflix, dirty crunchy doggie toys and soft down comforters that could use a good washing.

after plenty of time spent with his babysitter, red ranger, he begged me to watch with him or play darth vader , but i was able to convince him that reading a book in bed was a better idea. he brought this book to me…

 which i found fitting since both boy and puppy were laying in bed with me. this is a sweet little weekly reader from 1948.

after the book was finished brewer drove obie NUTS by smothering him in love and then proceeded to play “2 year old” until i couldn’t take it anymore…

now brewer is building forts in my closet with the mounds of clean laundry that has remained on my floor for lord knows how long. i’m just gonna lay here until i have to get up to make dinner. i think i even promised to make homemade fettucine for a pasta dish. ugh!


June 16, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Maggie replied:

    Oh I hope you start feeling better! Sinus pressure is horrible, I hate that feeling you get when moving in any direction..it hurts! 😦 Love the book you and your son were reading, your right it was very fitting 🙂

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      thanks..hopefully i’ll wake up as good as new.

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