fashion…vintage muumuu: make it work!

i did it…i bought a muumuu. that’s what happens when you gain so much weight, but i’m gonna make this thing look cute if it kills me! it’s vintage and handmade so it has THAT going for it. i bought a wide pink leather belt today to for 99¢, but switched to this white one and never switched back for the picture.

my plans for this dress is the cut down to the stitching up top and take the sleeves off. it’ll work, it just has to!

i think i might post this again tomorrow given a different look…

next step? make-up and a haircut


May 9, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Shawna B replied:

    I don’t know if you are into sewing yourself, but either way you should check out this girls’ site…
    ….she seeks out thrift store clothes & then transforms them into something more up to date & stylish. Her goal is to do 365 items in 365 days, with only $365! I find it pretty interesting..

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      yes! i thought of her site when i did this post. i could sew if i had to, but machines stress me out!!

  2. Stéphanie replied:

    So lovely dress !

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      thank you 😉

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