thrifting thursdays…worth the wait

it’s been several weeks since i’ve posted my thrift finds, but today’s scores are making up for it!!

i was a funny sight…first i saw the table and couldn’t find a floor guy to write me a ticket, so i was carrying it around. i eyed the red steelcase vintage chair**, but left it kinda hidden until i found the guy with the pad of paper. (i almost forgot to go back. i ended up just pushing it around the store. #loser)

 i found a mid century cabinet with no legs for $3.99!! i have legs up the wazoo, so that was a score! it’s not pictured cause i’m gonna fix ‘er up.

i was hovering around these 2 pieces while i turned into a prairie dog poking my head up to get that damn ticket and what was i standing next to? the hutch…it took me awhile to find the price and it was reasonable. i’m not gonna lie, i checked my bank account right then and there.

those are all for sale here

and i always swear i’m going to skip the shelves, but i never do and i found a MUCH needed small cake plate marked half off and the retro-ist ice bucket EVER. they are both green. a very themey day!

**i’ve seen these steelcase chairs a few times for like $3.99 and passed them up because chairs are 50/50 when it comes to sales, but then one day i looked it up and discovered what they were. so i was excited to find this one today even though its not mint condition. it wasn’t $3.99 either. ha!


April 21, 2011. Uncategorized.

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