finder’s keepers

on friday’s i make a quick trip to the reStore while my son is taking piano lessons. today the vintage furniture was non-existent, but they had boxes of scrap fabric 3/$1.00. i only saw one i liked, but didn’t want to use a debit card for 25¢. i wasn’t able to dig into every box at the moment, so i walked over to the lamps until i have full reign. i was about to walk away when i saw this…

it was $4 and even has a light bulb in it! the fancy expensive kind that requires NASA to come out and clean it up if it breaks.

i walked back over to the fabric to give it another look…

as i was sifting a girl came straight up to me and said “awwww, can i see that lamp. i guess you just beat me to it. i love old things from the 50’s”

we talked about vintage things and i even offered her the lamp. she wouldn’t take it.

i was able to find 3 rolls of fabric remnants that i really love. i will use it for wrapping or just keep it in my vintage wire basket with my yarn.



March 4, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. candclovefactory replied:

    So funny! I can see this in my head, the angry intensity of a good find! you have to be aggressive and cautious. I like how you put everyone’s thoughts into words(satirically of course). My mom and I are thrifting Fanatics!

  2. ragamuffindesign replied:

    its exciting for sure!! its fun to be an adult and get excited about things 😉

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