time for a new tattoo…

i’m thinking of starting work on my arm…my fat, flabby arm.

my grandfather was a gypsy and i’ve always been intrigued  and used to beg for stories. as cheesy as it sounds i can actually feel the gypsy blood. my great grandmother read palms for money and they traveled in a vardo.

this is a random collage and hard to explain, but its what i sent to a friend to try and help me design it.

all these images were found in google images under gypsy, vardo and palm reading


February 27, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. mellissa replied:

    I love love love the twin live/dead gypsies!!!!!!! My pick for sure!

  2. candice replied:

    i would probably only get the girl on the right, but i like it.

  3. Julia replied:

    I can’t wait to see what you end up with. These are all interesting images.

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      me either. ha!

  4. Rachael replied:

    YEY! This is one of the coolest ideas I have ever worked with. I feel the gypsy blood in me as well when I dance. Maybe we really were related in a past life!

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      i definitely think we were!!

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