thrifting thursdays

after my “dumpster diving” last week i only got around to one day of thrifting. my shop of choice was the habitat reStore in mt. pleasant. i had actually stopped in the day before and found nothing. glad i went back…

both items have sold already. now it’s time to re-stock 😉

one of my last trips i got these books to add to my collection. i don’t read much, but i like pretty books

the lamp was a find several months ago. my mom weasled it out of me for her work office, but a few days ago when i saw it sitting on another piece of furniture she stole from me and not at her work, i took that bitch back!


February 24, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Mellissa replied:

    Love the books! I`m a big fan of beautiful books too, especially vintage childrens books ❤

  2. kim rakes replied:

    yes! vintage children’s books.. i’d fight for those in a giveaway. i’m about ready to head to charleston, i think you’d have to be my guide though 🙂

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      good idea about the books in a giveaway. i think i might put together little vintage gift “baskets” with themes. kitchen, kids, houseware, etc…

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