thrifting thursdays: dumpster diving addition

ok, so it wasn’t QUITE as much dumpster diving as it was trash pickin’. but first, i DID actually buy 2 somethings from 2 thrift stores.

3 retro linen cloth napkins 75¢

i also bought a table that is for sale here

pretty great, eh?

ok, now here is where my day got interesting. my friend tiff and i were on our way to drop me off when we drove by a junk pile. right away i spotted these next items which caused me to demand she step on her break!

it’s either 2 headboards or an entire mid century bed. i may keep it if it doesn’t sell, but it IS listed here

oh, it get’s better. a few more grabs before the finale…

i ♥ the last supper because of the controversy. i have a nice print in my home already. this one is god awful, pardon the pun. but the frame is amazing and if you’ll look at the top left of this collage you will see how the top corner of this painting is chipping. i believe i am going to try to do that to the entire painting. ballsy, i know.

ok, and now for the most amazing thing EVER put on the side of the road. well, besides the 7ft tall antique frame i found last summer…

tada! all i can say is thank “god” for stupid people!!!


February 17, 2011. Uncategorized.

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    […] my “dumpster diving” last week i only got around to one day of thrifting. my shop of choice was the habitat reStore in […]

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