kindergarten valentines

this is probably the first valentines that i’ve actually done anything for. it’s not something i care much about, but when you have a 5 year old in school, it gets kinda fun! i offered to do a sweet and homemade pink lemonade…and of course i couldn’t just buy some spiderman cards and have him sign his name…

i’m not gonna go into how we made these because you can find it all over the place here

and you can buy them here

i ran out of paper bags, so i had to scrounge around my drawers to find something else to make the packaging “even”. girl’s got bags with a pink stamp and boys got a plastic candy bag with red ribbon

my crayons were a lot scrawnier than the others i’ve seen online because i used a candy mold, so i settled on 3 each. it woulda looked fuller and better with 10 each, but MY GAWD I’VE BEEN WORKING AT THIS ALL WEEKEND! JESUS!

i made my new browned butter brownies without nuts and cut them into hearts. i cheaped out and bought a canned strawberry frosting to pipe a rose onto each one. one rose each turned into this…

i was trying to practice roses that i studied the other day from this amazing baker. LOOOONG way to go, but it was fun.

i bought 2 of these vintage plates the other day for 45¢ each and have decided to put the teacher’s brownies on these and give them the plates as gifts. i hope they like them as much as i did for the few days i had them.

brewer helped me out a lot with the crayons and the baking. he loves all of it. he’s my partner in crime.

i hope brewer has a wonderful valentines day!


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