copycat fashion…

i have been REALLY wanting to incorporate fashion into my blog. it’s something i ♥, but something i haven’t been practicing. i’ve been really inspired lately by some fellow bloggers and i’m gonna do my best to get out of my ragamuffin funk!

i went to a wedding back in december and i waited until the night before to figure out what to wear. i’ve gained tons of weight so my closet didn’t offer much. i had to get creative. i google imaged some things. here is what i found and what i tried to copy…

not overly fond of my picture. i was “posing” as a joke, but that’s the only decent one that was taken. excuse the puckering of the skirt on my fat ass.

i’m also going to add my son, Brewer on today’s post:

i have had a certain inspiration picture saved FOREVER to copycat for him. it’s from cookie mag’s website which i can’t seem to find now.

i often have to find things in the girl’s section for my son because the FEW selections of fashionable items for boys are way too expensive. i found a pair of leggings for my niece and picked up a pair for my son with the inspiration picture in mind. i believe they came from Target….

the long-sleeved t-shirt is a “life is good” shirt from Marshall’s, the boots are also from marshall’s(girl’s i’m sure) and the navy blue uniform sweater was thrifted for $1.99 and is Lee brand.

Brewer woke up this morning in this ragamuffin ensemble and i thought he looked adorable. so i slapped his boots and sweater on and he’s been cute ever since…

note: this post was done on the fly so not of great quality. i’ll pump it up in the future!


February 6, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. miss james replied:


    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      thanks so much! i look forward to getting more into it.

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