the little pink chair that nobody wanted…

about 2 weeks ago i saw an amazing mid century PINK tufted chair at my favorite local thrift store for $12.99

i would punch an old lady for that price, BUT there were a few really dirty spots on it so i passed it up. i knew someone would snatch it up.

i went back a week later and it was STILL there and this time it was $1.99

for that price it was worth trying to clean. so, i tossed it in my car, grabbed a few cleaning brushes, rags and club soda. worked like a charm. it came clean and is in MINT condition.

my initial purpose was to re-sale. then my mom wanted it to re-cover. then the more i looked at it the more i realized i wanted it…

$1.99 people, $1.99


February 4, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. nesha replied:

    ‘i would punch an old lady for that price’- i love that haha!

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      hehe, i get VERY territorial in a store!

  2. kim rakes replied:

    jeal-ous. i want to come thrifting with you!!

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      let’s do it!!

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