GREAT thrift finds today…i hope

i found pyrex coffee cups, vintage books(of course), fondue pots, vintage bags and luggage and furniture! I believe I spent less than $25

this was 16¢. i love the goodwills that do shit by the pound!

this is a vintage samsonite carry on luggage bag and a vintage etienne aigner purse. when i saw the luggage i almost growled at the old wonky eyed women around me! at the time i had no idea the price. it was also done by the pound and was about $2!

i’m just gonna say one thing…the nastier the goodwill, the better the finds.

it’s nothing a little nix® can’t fix


May 11, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Mellissa replied:

    Hey! I love the bags, they are beautiful. I agree with it being nastier the better, but which goodwill does by the pound?? I`ve never seen them do this & would love to go =D

    • ragamuffindesign replied:

      it’s a goodwill by me. its the only one, i believe, that i’ve been to that does it. there is another store a few miles away that is WAY overpriced and they don’t weigh items. this one has stuff in bins and smells like pee. it’s so gross and it’s always packed, but i have found some GREAT stuff there!

  2. Nicole replied:

    Hey – I came here from saucydwellings. I’m actually shopping for “my first apartment” and absolutely LOVE that green chair! I hope I’m lucky enough to find stuff like that. What area are you from?

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